Contact Information:

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Illinois Natural History Survey

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Champaign, IL 61820 USA

Tel: (615) 427-3049

E-mail: cavemander17@gmail.com, mniemill@illinois.edu

Recent News (last 12 months)

October 2014: Grant proposal for a threat analysis and determining conservation actions for the Illinois Cave Amphipod funded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Co-PI with Steve Taylor and Scott Cinel, $35,000)!

October 2014: New paper on the life history and demography of the Grotto Salamander published in Herpetological Conservation and Biology (with Dante Fenolio, G.O. Graening, Brett Collier, and Jim Stout).

October 2014: Caving fieldwork in Virginia.

September 2014: New paper on the distribution and conservation status of a cave bristletail in the Ozarks published in Subterranean Biology (with Luis Espinasa, Monika Espinasa, Dante Fenolio, and Mike Slay). 

September 2014: Seminar in the Department of BIology at Centre College (hosted by Scott Shreve).

September 2014: Seminar in the Department of Biological Sciences at Auburn University (hosted by Dr. Jon Armbruster).

September 2014: Seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Minnesota Herpetological Society.

August 2014: Began a new postdoctoral position at the Illinois Natural History Survey.

August 2014: Caving fieldwork in Tennessee.

July 2014: Attended and presented at the 2014 National Speleological Society Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama.

July 2014: Caving fieldwork in Tennessee.

June 2014: Attended and presented at the 2014 Evolution Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina.

June 2014: Caving fieldwork in Tennessee.

May 2014: Attended and presented at the 6th Conference on the Biology of the Plethodontid Salamanders in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

May 2014: Caving fieldwork in Oklahoma.

May 2014: New paper on the description of the Hoosier Cavefish, a new amblyopsid cavefish from southern Indiana, published in ZooKeys (with Prosanta Chakabarty and Jacques Prejean).

February 2014: Attended the Southeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation meeting at Lake Cumberland State Park in Kentucky.

February 2014: Paper on the phylogeny of boas and pythons published in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (with Graham Reynolds and Liam Revell).

November 2013: Grant proposal on the distribution and conservation of cave biodiversity in the Valley and Ridge funded by Cave Conservancy Foundation (Co-PI with Annette Summers Engel, Kirk Zigler, Dante Fenolio and K. Denise Kendall, $25,000)!

November 2013: Attended the Tennessee State Wildlife Action Plan meeting in Murfreesboro, TN.

November 2013: Grant proposal on the conservation of Stygobromus amphipods in the Virginias  funded by the Cave Conservancy of the Virginias (Co-PI with Megan L. Porter and Mike Slay, $15,600)!

November 2013: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Section 6 Grant on RTE cave beetles funded! (Co-PI with Kirk Zigler, $23,217).

October 2013: Attended the Stygobromus Working Group meeting in Esty, WV.

October 2013: Seminar in the Department of Biology at the University of Louisville (hosted by Bill Pearson).

September 2013: Presented at the Fall Meeting of the Tennessee Cave Survey in Cookeville, TN.

September 2013: Attended the 19th Annual Tennessee Herpetological Conference in Harrogate, TN.

September 2013: Appalachian LCC Grant "Classification and Georeferencing Cave/Karst Resources across the Appalachian LCC" funded (Co-PI with David Culver, Mary Christman, Daniel Doctor, David Weary, John Young, & Kirk Zigler, $129,157)!

September 2013: Paper on the conservation status of the Georgia Blind Salamander published in Reptiles and Amphibians.

September 2013: Paper on the phylogeny and historical biogeography of West Indian boid snakes published in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (with Graham Reynolds, Blair Hedges, Alex Dornburg, Alberto Puente-Rolon and Liam Revell).

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