Stesha A Pasachnik


Contact Information:

Fort Worth Zoo

1898 Colonial Parkway

Fort Worth, TX, 76110 USA

Tel: 817-759-7263

SAPasachnik (at)

         All who wander are not lost...

         Updated November 2016

I am currently a Conservation Biologist at the Fort Worth Zoo and Co-Chair of the IUCN SSC Iguana Specialist Group.

I seek to address conservation in a holistic way, incorporating education and outreach, with ecological and molecular research to inform conservation strategies in the most appropriate ways. I have focused on iguanas in Central America and the Caribbean for most of my career but am expanding into new fields all the time.

Iguanas are some of the largest and most charismatic reptiles you will find. They are also among the most endangered reptiles in the world. For these reason they are great model species for the conservation of biodiversity. Please join me in aiding in their protection and the protection of all biodiversity.